#StayHome🏠 #BuildStuff ep. 3. Create Your Own Space Game Controlled By Moving Your Head! (5 parts!)

After the initial excitement of instructing a computer what to do, children usually have lots of new questions and dreams. They want to build games that can be played and which feel realistic. So let’s keep up their excitement and build something big without making it complicated.

I’ve put care into creating a short series of videos that are easy but rewarding to follow. By the end they’ll have a complete game with a score, the number of lives, dodging stars falling from random locations, and as a bonus a UFO controlled by Artificial Intelligence!


Regarding skills, they’ll learn about these topics in a playful way:

  • conditional statements
  • iterations & recursions
  • getting creative with sprites and backgrounds
  • functions
  • broadcasting signals
  • variables
  • machine learning

For this project, we won’t use Scratch, but mBlock. It has the same visual programming structure as Scratch, but adds Artificial Intelligence functionalities that we’ll use for the bonus step.

There are five parts in this series:

  1. Setting Up The Scene
  2. Making The UFO Move
  3. Making The Star Fall
  4. Adding Lives And Scores
  5. Bonus: Making The UFO Follow Your Head

We’ll start off with the first part: Setting Up The Scene.

Part 2: Making The UFO Move.

Part 3: Making The Star Fall.

Part 4: Adding Lives And Scores.

Part 5: Making The UFO Follow Your Head (Machine Learning).